Our Story. Our Concept.

Our Values.

"It's all about you getting to enjoy those special moments too!"

Milk allergies and lactose intolerance are an unfortunate reality for a lot people.  Dairy No aims to empower our customers by providing dairy free options.  We want to provide an array of delicious dairy-free products because we believe that every day treats should not be a restricted luxury.

After developing a dairy allergy, Dairy No's founder (Nelchael) began looking for dairy-free alternatives to her favorite foods and sweets.  Unfortunately, the few products that she found were overpriced, tasteless, or cheaply-made with poor ingredients. Nelchael teamed up with her mother (Marie) and sister (Maxine), who are lactose intolerant, to create their own dairy-free spin on traditional baked goods.

Our products are made with the same care, intention and integrity that we give to our family and we make it a priority to provide that same level of quality to you.

From our family to yours,

-Your friends at Dairy No

"I loved it!! I've been eating it every night and not getting sick! You did a great job on my cake!"

-Carolyn, founder of A'Jar Sweet Cream Factory