Success at Magnolia Landing Market!

On July 21st, we had our first successful farmer's market sale at the Magnolia Landing Market. It was a blast! We were able to interact and purchase delicious treats from other vendors and sold our products as well. We were so blessed to have such positive feedback of our business and our products. With so many compliments and positive reviews of our cupcakes, we've decided to give this market another go! Check out some of our pictures from event:

The faces behind the Dairy No, LLC brand. From left to right: Maxine (Video and Marketing Extraordinaire), Nelchael (Owner, Baker, Marketing and Design Extraordinaire), and Zacky (Self proclaimed assistant manager lol....he promoted himself :p).

Thank you to our customers for taking and sharing these great shots on your Instagram stories!

Our German Chocolate Cupcake!

From your friends at Dairy No, LLC

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