New Vegan Alert!

Here at Dairy No, we have exciting news to share to uplift your spirits during this time! For the pass three years since we opened our dairy-free cupcake business, we have had insightful commentary regarding the possibility of having a vegan alternative to our products.

After much experimentation, we have finally answered your long awaited prayers. As of March 2020, we now have vegan alternatives to some of our products. Here is the list of our products that will have the vegan option:

Mocha Espresso

Spiced Carrot

Double the Chocolate

Limey Lemon

Red Velvet

Is your mouth watering at the sight of these delicious cupcakes? So is ours! Luckily for you we are offering this now for you to order whenever you get that sweet craving during your stay at home. Order now for the whole month of April and get a one time 10% discount on our vegan flavors only!

Are you still here? Go order now! From your Friends at Dairy No!

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